‘The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer #2 leaked, descriptions are online

Late last night trailer #2 for The Dark Knight Rises leaked online. You can see the trailer tonight on the big screen with Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and digital IMAX showings of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. IMDb user Dropkickennedy was the first to post a description of trailer #2, I’m going to put it in spoiler tags for those who want to be surprised.


-starts out young kid singing national anthem at the gotham football stadium
-you see bane in jacket climbing up onto a ledge
-cuts to inside a fancy house with a covered dinner plate (the more a saw this part the weirder it seemed because the camera hangs onto this shot for a few seconds) and alfred begins his voice over
-Alfred- “You’re as precious to me as you were to you’re own mother and father”
-cut to alfred speaking- “I swore to them that I would protect you…”
-cut to bruce obviously listening to
-Alfred- “…but I haven’t”
-over shot of gotham
-title cards “from director christopher nolan”
– next shot is some sort of dinner party with the mayor and Gordon
-Mayor shakes Gordon’s hand as he seems like he is about to give a speach
-two other political figures it seems are talking about Gordon
-politician 1- “The mayor is going to dump him”(referring to Gordon)
-politician 2- “Really/”
-politician 1- “mmhmm”
-politician 2- “But he’s a hero”
-politician 1- “A war hero, this is peace time’
-shot of a shadowy figure on a balcony walking away doesn’t look like batman though
-behind shot of bruce walking into a large mansion like part with i think rose pettles falling from the ceiling and selina kyle begins speaking
– selina- “There’s a storm coming mister Wayne” shot of her dancing within bruce with a masquerade type mask on
-cut to what looks like bane punching the ground and chaos errupts with the people around looks like its in a dark ally type of place but its hard to tell where it is
-shot of bane in jacket from the front walking past the camera till you see he his walking towards what looks to be a group of thugs again in a dark ally type of setting
-shot of Selina looking at herself in a mirrior wearing a dress and putting a necklace on, Selina- you can do something “by battoning down the hatches”
-shot of gordon kicking in a door with a gun and flashlight drawn and immediately after there is an explosion behind him
-Selina talking- cant really make put what she says im sorry i know but what i did get was “cause you will wonder how you could get so large and leave so little for the rest of us”
-while she is talking there is a scene of people and chairs being tossed from the top of the steps over a balcony of what looks to be a really nice house or even a government building while others at the bottome cower in fear
-shot of men pulling someone out from underneath a desk who is trying to fight back with no luck
-back to Selina still talking whispering now into bruce’s ear
-shot of bruce standing back with a dumbfounded look on his face
-cut to a shot of prisoners armed with AK-47s emerging from a blown out hole from what looks like a prision steel wall (there are a lot of them) and as the camera pans from right to left you see banes legs showing he is by himself waiting for the immates to come to him.
-Chanting begins and at first you think its coming from the immates but the scene shifts to a football kicker the stadium ready for kickoff chanting still being heard.
-Shot of bane walking up towards the feild from what looks the tunnel the players come out from as he is still hidden in darkness, chanting still happening
– shot of bruce in a prison type cell but he opens the gate and looks like an underground jail which is where the actually chanting is coming from the other people of prisoners there
– Bruce turns to an older guy (no idea who it is but looks to be imprisoned there too) and asks- “what does that mean/”
– Old guy – “Rise”
-cut to bane back in the tunnle at the stadium flipping a switch to a device in his hand
– than the scene where the football player is running towards the endzone camera is in front of him so we see that the feild is being leveled behind him swallowing up other players but he has no clue until he scores, turns around, and see’s the field is gone, not the stadium though, just the field from one endzone to the other.
– Bane speaking with a shot of bruce laying down with a cut or lump on his head either way he looks in bad shape, but bane says “When Gotham is in ashes..”
-shot of bane looking down at im guessing bruce “…you’ll have my permission to die.”
-title card “next summer” and that same chanting begins and lasts till the end
-shot of Marion Cotillard with a masquerade mask and she lowers it
-shot of bruce who is standing in front of her with a grin
-shot of mayber batman jumping down from a building?
-Selina in regular clothes walking inside the football stadium
-title card “the epic conclusion”
-shot of batman aiming that gadget that was on the cover of that one magazine sorry vague i know but its verticle and looks like light is comming out of it
-shot of tumbler exploding into a large armored tractor trailer
-assassins repelling into the well that was shown in the teaser
– shot of bane with bare arms holding his chest looking up
– shot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt quickly walking through a hallway through a door
– title card” to the dark knight legend”
– riot going on and a shot of batman preparing to fight bane as he comes walking up to him and this shot is from those leaked video and pictures where they are outside the white building with pillars and chaos is happening all around
– tumber shoots at that same building
-back to bane comeing closer to batman and batman hits him with a right hook
-bane ducks its a fast scene but they are about to really get into it
– more repelling assassins
– shot of tumbler being chased by batwing mid day on the city streets
– and than the same shot at the end of the teaser where the buildings are crumbling and the camera moves up towards the white outlined bat symbol
– title card all white background “Dark Knight Rises”

If you can’t make it out to a theater this weekend, don’t worry. I looked through the source code of TheDarkKnightRises.com and it looks like trailer #2 will make it’s debut on Apple’s trailer page. The date is still unknown, but my guess would be Monday, December 19th.