New 52 – Batman and Robin #4 review

Once again, I feel I should apologize for not getting these reviews out sooner this week. Especially if you were waiting to read a review for Batman & Robin before you dropped $3 on it.

The only problem I have with Batman & Robin #4 is that Damian names his dog something other than “Ace”. That’s it. Everything else in this book, I loved. New villain Nobody is the best baddy Batman is facing in any of the ongoing comics and in issue #4 he really shines in a menacing moment that takes place in one of the most visually interesting set pieces we’ve seen in months, an abandoned drive-in.

What else do you get with Batman & Robin #4 besides good villainy and backdrop? How about a jaw-dropping action scene and more of that father/son tension that Tomasi has proven to be very good at writing up?

This is going to be a short review for 2 reasons, but one much more so than the other. A) I don’t have a lot of free time so I can’t write a 1000-worder. B) I don’t want to spoil ANYTHING. This is the best issue of Batman & Robin so far and it cements this as one of the best Batman titles on shelves right now. As much as I love Snyder’s “Batman” it shouldn’t be the only Batman title to really look forward to each month and with the team of Tomasi, Gleason, and Gray—it doesn’t have to be. These guys are bringing their A-game both in storytelling and in artwork and Nobody is shaping to be a great addition to the rogues gallery.

Batman & Robin #4 is a mesmerizing, action packed, yet deeply personal tale that every reader should pick up this week.

SCORE: 10/10