Batman: Arkham Unhinged #9 review

It appears as though Arkham Unhinged’s 3rd story arc was also its most forgettable. This chapter has the Joker parading his troops in an actual parade through Arkham City. A fun idea that wasn’t used to its full potential. This was a great opportunity to give the reader a tour of Arkham City pre-video game which would’ve included some of the lesser gangs that got knocked off by Penguin, Two-Face, etc. And we could’ve even gotten a glimpse of Black Mask, who according to the video game should have been one of the top gang leaders at this time. And getting a guided tour by the Joker would’ve just been plain fun, but alas, all we get is a funny moment outside of Two-Face’s courthouse and that’s it. The tour ends at Penguin’s house where Joker lights a bomb on his doorstep and then leaves.

It’s not much of a story. Fine art, though (except for the Penguin, but I’ve complained enough about that in the past 2 reviews). The thugs are particularly well detailed. But this simply isn’t worth your time or money. It doesn’t add to the history of the Arkham City video game, it isn’t interesting, and it isn’t entertaining. A pretty big disappointment following the storyline “Observations” which so far has had the best artwork and storytelling of any of the Arkham Unhinged books. If you haven’t ready that (issues 4-6) yet, then I highly recommend you do so!

Worth a Buck or Not?

Definitely not, but I have good news: issue #10 is out and it’s a standalone tale that is very good. Go spend your dollar on that, instead.