comiXology sale: Batman comics for $1 or free!

Good news for international readers and those looking to catch up on the last few years of Batman comics! ComiXology is having a sale right now on Batman comics. We’re talking classic Alan Grant stuff, issues from Greg Rucka’s run on Detective featuring Batwoman, every issue of Scott Snyder’s “The Black Mirror”, and more. All of these comics are available for download for the next 10 days at the price of 99 cents and some are absolutely free.

The free comics include “Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #1” which is the first of a 5 part story line about the “Shaman” … I know that I own this comic, but I don’t remember it. It originally came out in 1989 and was written by Batman comics legend Dennis O’Neil. The following 4 parts are NOT free, but they are on sale for 99 cents like everything else on the Batman 201 page.

The comic titled Batman 201 is also free and although it doesn’t have a real story running through it, it’s worth reading. This book features the origin story of Bane and takes you through a lot of the history of Batman comics in general. It covers Knightfall, Hush, Killing Joke, and more. If you’ve got some free time it’s definitely worth flip—I mean, clicking through.

Detective Comics #27 – required reading. It’s the first ever appearance of the caped crusader and it’s absolutely free. It’s not the best story in the world by today’s standards, but it’s fascinating to see how this all began.

That about covers the free stuff. Not a lot, I probably shouldn’t have hyped it up so much. But if you’re looking to get into Batman comics again, this is a great opportunity. All of the Batman & Robin series from 2009-2011 appears to be going for 99 cents an issue, Dark Victory, Long Halloween, are all 99 cents. And don’t forget about Batman: Arkham Unhinged which takes place in the Arkham City universe. It’s 10th issue came out this week and it’s always 99 cents.

Just thought I’d take a break from reviews and give everyone a heads up about this! What are you waiting for? Click on the source link below and start reading some comics!

SOURCE: comiXology