Joey King talks ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ caught up with Joey King for an exclusive interview, and she shared her thoughts about working on The Dark Knight Rises.

What was the experience like working on The Dark Knight Rises?

“Working on The Dark Knight Rises was so cool. I got to travel to different places that I have never been to before. I got to go to India, I got to go to London. Christopher Nolan is awesome, so is Christian Bale.”

Are you a fan of previous Batman movies?

“The last Batman movie I watched was The Dark Knight. It was phenomenal I was amazed by the performances. I love the Batman movies and when I heard I was going to be in one I was like, (enthusiastic) ‘Oh my God, oh my Gosh! This is so cool!’ I was calling my family, I was calling my friends and I was like ‘Guess what, I’m going to be in a Batman movie!’”

How does Christopher Nolan compare and differ from other directors?

“Christopher Nolan is so cool because he can take the smallest thing in a scene and change it and it makes the world of difference. He just knows what to do. He’s so experienced and so amazing. The same thing with Sam Rami, he’s also amazing. He asks our input to see what we feel and what is real with our lines and our characters. It just adds something. If you have a director like that you know the film is going to be good because he cares about your opinion and you’re not just saying lines – you’re speaking your voice and saying things that feel real. The same with Christopher Nolan, they’re both brilliant, amazing directors! It’s just a pleasure to work with both of them.”

King’s role is still unknown, but she has an uncanny resemblance to Marion Cotillard. Could she be playing a young Miranda Tate? Let me know what you think in the comments.

SOURCE: TeenSpot