Batman: The Dark Knight gets a new writer

Batman: The Dark Knight was selling well, but was under constant criticism for its writing… or lack thereof.

The writing which has been handled by artist David Finch and co-plotter Paul Jenkins has been notoriously zany. The basic idea was to give the book a hyper, summer blockbuster feel that would set it apart from the other Batman titles (of which there are many). It featured a villain dressed as a Playboy Bunny, the entire Batman rogues gallery in hulked-out form, cameos by three members of the Justice League, a bat plane chopped in half while in flight, and a brawl between Batman and Superman. Admittedly it sounds like more fun than it really is and if it wasn’t drawn so well by Finch or hooked so many readers with its constant guest stars I doubt that it would be selling like it has. And it would appear that DC recognizes that and thinks the book could sell even better if it had good art AND story. Although… it does seem a bit unfair to Jenkins who we still haven’t seen write a story in this series on his own, but oh well. Life goes on and so will Batman: The Dark Knight which as of issue #10  will see Jenkins replaced by widely writer Gregg Hurwitz, the author of  the highly praised Penguin: Pain & Prejudice.

What are your thoughts on Gregg Hurwitz taking over Batman: The Dark Knight? Does it make you feel like this? Let me know in the comments!