Ben Oliver leaves Batwing, Marcus To takes over

Batwing #9 cover by Marcus To
Batwing #9 cover by Marcus To

DC Comics’ official blog The Source is reporting that Marcus To will be taking over penciling duties on Batwing as of issue #9. This is bittersweet news since Ben Oliver was a fan favorite and arguably Batwing’s greatest attraction, yet Marcus To is also a beloved artist who will surely do the book justice and is worth getting excited over. Ben Oliver brought a very unique look to Batwing that set it apart from the other Bat-titles. His style was one of lifelike detail with great attention spent on the characters. The backgrounds (or complete lack of backgrounds) on the other hand were met with a lot of criticism from much of the fan community, including myself, for not fully realizing the distinct atmosphere this story has to offer. Still, I never wanted to lose Oliver, I just wanted a bit more emphasis on setting.

This news comes as a bit of a surprise and is kind of depressing, but at the same time I’m confident that Marcus To can fill Oliver’s shoes.

What are your thoughts? Would you prefer Oliver or To?