‘The Dark Knight Rises’ miniatures revealed, but why does Catwoman have a gun?

Jakks Pacific revealed their line of The Dark Knight Rises miniatures this week at the NYC Toy Fair. The miniatures will be available this summer, and Jakks has plans for larger figures too.

However, the main purpose of this article was to focus on Catwoman. We’ve yet to see any photos of Catwoman with her iconic whip, but it looks like she will have a weapon after all… a gun. It’s unclear if this is a deadly pistol, or just some type of stun gun, but it looks like Catwoman will be packing heat in The Dark Knight Rises. Check out one more photo of the gun-toting Catwoman miniature after the break, and leave your thoughts about Catwoman’s weapon in the comments below.

You can view even more photos at the source link below.

SOURCE: Buzz Focus