New 52 – Catwoman #6 review

The serialized misadventures of Selina Kyle continue this month in another great issue of this fun, energetic series.

When we last saw Selina, she was swarmed by cops and was heading to the slammer. Like all other Catwoman issues it was a fine cliffhanger that planted this young crook in another sticky situation that left the reader wondering just how she was going to get out this time. Now it seems that the three dirty, high ranking members of the police responsible for her hasty apprehension have secluded Selina away in the police department so no one else can interfere as they torture her for information on the stolen money. It’s a pretty nice setup for another exciting issue and there are a lot of little surprises. I had a great time reading this issue. Of all the titles I review, it’s Catwoman that is always the most  fun to read. It probably has something to do with how unique the book is compared with all the rest, too. You’re not watching a genius hero trying to save the day, you’re looking at a young, still naive criminal and adrenaline junkie who is constantly jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. It could be argued that that doesn’t make for much of a story or a very deep literary experience, but I’m okay with that for now. I’m enjoying the book for what it is. I like following around this sexy, out of control burglar who could be a very capable criminal or even a hero if she just got her crap together and stopped acting on impulse. And the great thing is that her character recognizes that, but the behavior is so ingrained that she can’t help but relapse again and again.

What I did not like about this book starts with the cover. It’s pretty cool looking at first with the whole up-side down struggle thing going on, but then I flipped it right-side-up and noticed something: tig ol’ bitties.

I’m going to say something that’s going to shock you: I’ve seen boobies. Yes. I, a guy who reviews comic books online have seen and felt many boobs in my life. The biggest of which were size H (too big) and those in the photo above have got to be size H–but wait, no…these on the Catwoman cover have to be even bigger. Take into account the spandex/leather thing that Catwoman wears– it’s form fitting and has to offer a lot of support and what we’re seeing in that pic is quite a bit of droop so these boobs must be so big that they look like their hanging even when packed in. Now, I’ve grown to accept obscenely large breasts on female comic book characters. Fine. But unlike Batman, I have limits. Lets tone down the boobage. From the upside-down angle I thought that her body looked reasonable, but NO what I thought was a boob was a shoulder and how the hell are they defying gravity like that? How are they hanging when she is upside down? How are these things not acting in accordance with the laws of physics? …I dunno. Enough. I’m done talking about boobs now. Boobs.

The other thing that bugged me about this issue, but also wasn’t that big of a deal was, well, the thing that’s great about Catwoman is that it’s one seemingly impossible situation after another that Selina manages to slip through. In this issue, the big question is “How will she escape the police department?” especially without being seen. This bit is COMPLETELY glossed over. –spoilers– That cop lets her out of the interrogation room and suddenly the story cuts to Selina riding a motorcycle. There’s still a lot of building to walk through and a whole lot of cops to sneak past WHILE DRESSED AS A BLOOD SPLATTERED SUPERVILLAIN, and even after that she has to find a bike to steal. That’s a lot of exciting, suspenseful stuff to just skip over and I felt a bit cheated.

Other than that it’s a good, fun read. Batman’s cameo isn’t forced, we see plenty of action and emotion from Selina, and the supporting cast gets a bit more fleshed out. I continue to love the work Winick, March, and Morey are putting into this book.

SCORE: 8/10