Development Hell: How ‘Batman vs Superman’ helped bring us ‘Batman Begins’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

David Hughes has a new book out titled “Tales From Development Hell” which highlights the frustrating road several Batman movies had to take, only to be cancelled and never see the light of day. One of these movies was Batman vs. Superman, a movie that was very far along in the development process. Movieline has an exclusive excerpt from the book of how this project fell apart, and how it ultimately lead to Warner Bros. choosing to “reinvent” Batman under a little director named Christopher Nolan.  This is a must read for any Batman fan!

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Meanwhile, /Film was provided with another excerpt from Hughes’ Batman chapter. This excerpt focuses on the history of Batman adaptations, including Darren Aronofsky and Frank Miller‘s adaptation of Batman: Year One starring Clint Eastwood. Check it out!

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