New 52 – Batwing #7 review

I think it’s the best issue since #1. Plain and simple. It’s also the most important issue in the arc so far and features plenty of cameos by all your favorite members of the bat-family (except for Tim Drake who has yet to make an appearance in any bat title outside of “Teen Titans”…unless he was in “Red Hood & The Outlaws” or “Birds of Prey” and if that’s the case, sound-off in the comments at the bottom of the page).  “Batwing” #7 also has enough exposition and (for those who have been reading it since the beginning) answers that it should make for a decent jumping-on point for new readers.

I should first point out that I was wrong in my monthly preview article. I typically get my info for that straight from DC comics and their official website still had Ben Oliver down as the artist this month, but he’s gone. The good news, however, is that Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs are picking up the slack. If you liked the look of their work on “Justice League Beyond” last week (and who didn’t?), then you’re going to love the look and feel of this.

Honestly, I thought this had the best art of any Batwing issue so far. Sure, Oliver’s work was really pretty, but I never felt any life from it, but that could very well have been due to the complete lack of backgrounds which I’ve ranted about plenty in previous reviews. Here, the energy and detail in Nguyen’s work is undeniable. Every panel has impact, every character looks unique, every setting is quickly identifiable and gives the scene weight.

As for the story, well, Batwing himself is hardly in this issue. Instead the primary focus is the Kingdom. If you’ve been enthralled by that mystery then this issue is an absolute must-have. The answers come all-together, though so it can be a little tough to follow.  Issue #7 also marks the first Bat-title to feature the bulk of the bat-family working together. You see Babs giving everyone intel, Dick & Damian are partnered up again (always a pleasure to see) in an effort to track down the missing members of the Kingdom, and Batwing is listening to Steelback’s tale of The Kingdom’s demise while Batman…well, Batman chauffeur’s Batwing around basically. If anything, Batman’s role in this is to show how he and Batwing think alike and not only get along, but respect one another as equals.

“Batwing #7” is loaded with action, important plot points, cameos by our favorite Batman characters, and has great artwork. I’ve been getting really bored with the series lately and especially sick of the lack of scenery so this issue definitely gave my interest in Batwing the kick it needed and by the time I was done here I was genuinely excited for the next issue.

SCORE: 8/10

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