Amy Reeder shares thoughts on ‘Batwoman’ departure

Amy Reeder, who had just taken over for J.H. Williams III on penciling duties for “Batwoman” last month will be leaving the title after issue #8. She’ll be replaced by Trevor McCarthy, who you may remember as the fill-in artist for Nightwing #4.

DC Comics announced this last Thursday on their official blog The Source but it wasn’t until today that Reeder came out on her own blog to both thank fans and further explain her struggles with “Batwoman”:

I’m sure there’s a lot of curiosity about what exactly happened, which is understandable.  But I can’t get too far into it–in addition to trying to be a professional and not burn bridges, it’s complicated enough that I find it difficult (and frustrating) to explain even to friends.

The jist of it, though, was that it was a bad situation, and kept getting worse and more intense until it became impossible.  I am a long-term project kinda girl and I was so excited about being on Batwoman…I didn’t want to let go of it and fought until it was over.

It was bad enough that now I’d rather just be happy and move forward: I’m honestly very excited by the possibilities.  All this has strengthened my resolve to do my own thing again–write, draw, color, letter.  My work is, by nature, better as a full experience, and the process makes me so incredibly happy that I can’t stop drawing.  Which also means more comics for you.  Anyway, not saying it’s my guaranteed next step, but if there is a way for me to do that and pay the bills, I will.

Obviously she can’t name names and give us all the juicy details we would like to hear about the drama that can go on among a book’s creative team, but there you have it. Personally, I thought that she was doing a great job so far on “Batwoman” and I think I’ll miss her. Were you enjoying Reeder’s art? How do you feel about McCarthy taking over? Got any gossipy theories about what exactly happened to push Reeder to leave? Discuss it all in the comments below.