‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will not be 4 hours long, not even close

Every so often there’s a crazy rumor that gets picked up by various websites, and then things get out of hand. I want to clear one up for you right now, my dear Batman-News.com readers. You may have come across a story on your favorite movie site, claiming that Christopher Nolan’s first cut of The Dark Knight Rises was four hours long. This rumor originated from an MTV article which said that editing for The Dark Knight Rises was completed “presumably in the form of a four-hour rough cut.” While MTV never intended for this to be treated as news, some sites ran with it, taking the comment to heart. The article has since been corrected, and the author even took to Twitter to clear up the confusion.

The Dark Knight Rises is Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie, so I suspect it could be a little on the long side as he wraps up his Batman trilogy. But I wouldn’t expect it to be too much longer than The Dark Knight, which clocked it at 152 minutes.