Batman: Arkham Unhinged #1 review (print copy)

As you may remember, I reviewed this book back in November when it was an online exclusive. Each week a new issue (1/3 of a regular print issue) would be released for 99 cents. Well, now there’s a print copy that collects “Batman: Arkham Unhinged” 1-3 as one full-size issue that I’m sure everybody is way more likely to pick up since many are apprehensive about switching to digital comics.

My old reviews, as you can imagine, are divided among the three individual parts and I didn’t use the traditional 1-10 scale I do on most reviews (The more notches above 5 it is, the more you should consider buying it). Instead, I graded them on whether or not they were worth a dollar. Here are those three reviews…

The first 1/3 of this book scored:    Not worth a buck.

The second part scored:   Not worth a buck.

The third act of this issue scored:  Worth a buck.

So it’s a book that costs $2.99 but I said it’s worth a single dollar, basically.

Flipping through it all again now…I would have to give it a 4 or 5/10. It doesn’t add a whole lot to the Arkham City story at all. It doesn’t feature anything you didn’t piece together already by playing the game, anyway. And just by typical comic book standards, I have to say that this thing came out 5 months ago and I’ve already forgotten most of what happened here. None of the imagery or story is very memorable. But, next month’s issue of Arkham Unhinged features Gordon and that was quite good and very memorable. I actually look forward to reading that again. Issue #1, however, can stay on the shelf.

SCORE: 4.5/10