Anne Hathaway thought she was auditioning for Harley Quinn in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The “Summer Movie Preview” issue of Entertainment Weekly has given us great new interviews and photos from The Dark Knight Rises, but I discovered an interesting story as I was reading the full article last night. Anne Hathaway talked about being a huge fan of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. She didn’t think that Christopher Nolan would want to revisit that character, and was preparing for Harley Quinn when Nolan asked to meet with her.

She convinced herself that Nolan wasn’t interested in reinterpreting a character who had already been done well enough and was instead casting a lesser-known villainess from Batman’s rogues’ gallery named Harley Quinn, the Joker’s sidekick. Nope. “About an hour into the meeting he said, ‘It’s Catwoman’ and I went, ‘Oh, no, I played this wrong,'” says Hathaway. “I didn’t think they would revisit that character, because Michelle’s  performance had been so iconic. But Chris just does his own thing.”

I’m excited to see Hathaway as Catwoman, especially since we’ve been seeing more of her in promotional material. Do you think she would have been a good choice for Harley Quinn if Nolan decided to go that route? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

[Harley Quinn photo via Oboe]