‘LOST’ co-creator Damon Lindelof joins Jeff Lemire for all new Batman series

A new Batman Digital comic series will arrive online every Thursday beginning in June with stories that take place outside of the New 52 continuity. The creative team headlining this announcement is quite the powerhouse, too.

One of the series’ first issues will be written by “LOST” co-creator Damon Lindelof (he also co-wrote the upcoming film “Prometheus“) and drawn by Jeff Lemire, the artist, writer and creator of “Sweet Tooth” and writer of one of my favorite series right now, “Animal Man” . Colors will be handled by Lemire’s “Sweet Tooth” collaborator Jose Villarrubia, an artist who colored one of my favorite Batman elseworld tales, “Batman: Year 100”.

Other confirmed creative teams include:

Jonathan Larsen & JG Jones

Tom Taylor & Nicola Scott

Ales Kot & Ryan Sook

B. Clay Moore & Ben Templesmith (who drew the cover attached to this article)

Steve Niles & Trevor Hairsine

Joe Harris & Jason Masters

TJ Fixman & Christopher Mitten

Jeff Parker & Gabriel Hardman

Joshua Hale Fialkov & Phil Hester

David Tischman & Chris Sprouse

SOURCE: USA Today, DC Comics, Jeff Lemire’s Blog