‘The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer #3 is complete, coming soon to a theater near you

One of the most frequent questions I get via email, Twitter, and Facebook is “when’s The Dark Knight Rises trailer #3 coming out?”. My reply has always been “sometime in May”, judging by the timeline The Dark Knight was on. Well now May is almost here, and we have confirmation that trailer #3 is indeed coming. In fact, it’s already been put together!

The news comes from Claudio Serrano, the Spanish actor in charge of dubbing Christian Bale’s voice in The Dark Knight Rises trailer #3. Serrano tweeted about the job last night, and again today after stepping out of the recording booth. Serrano’s tweets are in Spanish, but his comment from today translates to “I can only say that the TDKR trailer 3 is … WOW!!”

Before today’s news, the internet was buzzing over which movie might have trailer #3 attached to it. It seems we have two logical choices… The Avengers, which hits theaters on May 4th, or Dark Shadows which is due out May 11th. Either way, I think it’s safe to assume we’re getting The Dark Knight Rises trailer #3 within the next 3 weeks. Stay tuned to Batman-News.com, I’ll have the trailer posted in HD the minute it hits the internet!

PS. Don’t forget that Warner Bros. is attending CinemaCon next week. They’re scheduled to bring something from The Dark Knight Rises, could it be trailer #3?