Christopher Nolan reveals new ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ footage at CinemaCon 2012

Christopher Nolan attended CinemaCon 2012 this afternoon, and showed off 5 minutes of new footage from The Dark Knight Rises during Warner Bros.’ presentation. Reactions are showing up online, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Bane’s voice is now much clearer, there’s tons of action, and the footage showed off some interaction between Batman and Catwoman. IGN, and EW have great articles summarizing everything they saw, check them out at the source links below (I’ll be adding more as they’re published). I’ve also included a video blog from Collider, /Film, and First Showing, along with some reactions from Twitter after the break. And don’t forget, we’ll all be seeing some new footage from The Dark Knight Rises in less than two weeks, when trailer #3 is released online!


Collider, /Film, and First Showing got together after seeing the new footage and gave their thoughts: