Batman: Arkham Unhinged #2 review (print copy)

Besides having one of the best covers you’ll see in the comic shop today, “Arkham Unhinged” #2 is a great read that has plenty of action and adds quite a bit to the Arkham City story. If you’re a big fan of Jim Gordon and feel that he was underused in the video game, then it’s your duty to pick up this issue. Now, I reviewed this a few months back when it was in digital form. Each of those reviews were not rated on a scale of 10 and were instead rated on whether or not they were worth your dollar.

The first 1/3 of this book score:    Worth a Buck!

The second part scored:   Worth a Buck!

The third act scored:   Worth a Buck!

Flipping Through it All Again Now…I can say that it’s a must-buy. 40 pages for $2.99 is a sweet deal. Plus, they fixed a few things about the issue that I complained about in my old review,  particularly the color of Vicki Vale’s hair which was mistakenly colored brown when she’s a blonde in the video game.

You’ll get plenty of Gordon, a brilliant narrative, great art, lots of action, GADGETS, and cameos by several rogues and members of the bat-family. I would give it anywhere from an 8.5 to a 10/10. This is a book every fan of the video game and the caped crusader in general should pick up, even if there aren’t any owls!

SCORE: 9/10