The Dark Knight Rises: new HQ photos, interviews, and more, from Total Film [Update]

Total Film has been teasing The Dark Knight Rises news and today its been revealed! They’ve released a brand new interactive iPad app that’s packed with new photos, new interviews, and new information. This issue isn’t just about The Dark Knight Rises though, it’s got a behind the scenes look at Batman Begins and The Dark Knight too. It even includes a letter from Tim Burton, explaining why he was so interested in Batman. Whether you pick it up on the newsstand, or download the iPad app, this issue is a must buy for any Batman fan! Check out the new photos* for now, and I’ll update this post with interesting quotes and information from the article a little later today.

Update: I just read through Total Film, and while there wasn’t much new info, there were a few interesting points:

  • Temperatures got up to 120 degrees during the shoot in Jodhpur, India.
  • Batman Begins’ theme was fear, The Dark Knight…chaos, Christian Bale said that “pain” is constant throughout The Dark Knight Rises.
  • In terms of brutality, The Dark Knight Rises exceeds The Dark Knight.
  • Christopher Nolan admitted that the ending of The Dark Knight left the audience hanging, and explained that The Dark Knight Rises has a great ending. Nolan is thrilled to bring the story around full circle to its conclusion.

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*Some photos have been removed at the request of Total Film. I’ll have them back up when they’re officially released online.

SOURCE: Total Film