QR code leads to new Catwoman poster on official ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ website

Batman-News.com reader Brad just alerted me to something very cool:

I wanted to shoot you a little slice of secret news that a friend of mine found at work today. There’s a QR stamp at the bottom of the final poster released a few days ago. Once you scan it, there a is hidden poster that can be found. Hit up the link and you shall see. http://www.thedarkknightrises.com/catwomanbig.jpg

There you have it! A secret Catwoman poster straight off the official website of The Dark Knight Rises! While the QR code isn’t on any of the posters released online, it is present on printed posters that are displayed at movie theaters, Brad explained via email. Thanks again Brad!

SOURCE: The Dark Knight Rises (official website), Download in High Resolution