Upcoming Comics: June 6th, 2012

Pirates, espionage, and ninjas are on the agenda.

Here’s a list of all the Batman comics coming out this week, June 6th, graded on a scale of my own anticipation.

None.  –   I’ll get to it…eventually   –   Eh…meh.  –  Bring it.  –  TAKE MY MONEY

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June 6th

Batwing #10

Written by Judd Winick

Penciled by Marcus To

32 pages 


Anticipation Level:   Bring it.

Pirates! Africa and Pirates! It would seem like we’re finally getting back to what makes Batwing stand out from the crowd, but at the same time this issue will also feature a guest appearance by Batman who is fighting a member of his rogues gallery in China…or so the solicit says. Ya know, it’s not really a guest appearance if Batman has shown up in like 8/10 of the Batwing issues so far. In fact, he’s the most dependable member of the supporting cast. He’s been in it more than Batwing’s man-servant Matu. Let Batwing do his thing and prove himself. How are we supposed to take this book seriously if they won’t take the training wheels off and let this character carry his own book? Anyway, I’m still excited about it because it has potential to be very different and that’s exactly what I want after a whole month of nothing but owls, owl, owls everywhere.


 Detective Comics #10

Written by Tony S. Daniel

Penciled by Ed Benes 

Back-up story penciled by Szymon Kudranski 

40 pages


Anticipation Level:   None.

Wayne Enterprises is under threat of espionage and Batman faces Hypnotic (no, not the tropical blue liqueur), a new villain created by writer and artist Tony Daniel. I’m not sure what this new guy does just yet. Perhaps he’s sort of like Spellbinder? All I know is he wears a purple scarf around his neck and he wears a pair of (what appears to be) X-Ray Vision specs like kids used to order out of comics. Why don’t we have ads to order cool things in comics anymore? What happened to that? Anyway, there will also be another Two-Face backup story. When we last saw Two-Face he was aiding a corrupt politician in return for his old job as Gotham DA (seriously) but in the book’s final pages, Two-Face was abducted by ninjas (I’m not making this up, honest). I am not looking forward to this at all. This is a series that, like “Batman: The Dark Knight”, is consistently terrible, but unlike that other series, this book isn’t going to be getting a new writer anytime soon and it costs a dollar more. I hope it gets better and soon, but for right now– no thanks.