Nokia launches ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Lumia 900 smartphone, exclusive new app available now

Last week a special The Dark Knight Rises edition of the Nokia Lumia 900 was announced for release in the UK. It’s available for pre-order now and should ship around June 15th. If you already own a Lumia device, there’s a new app available loaded with content from Christopher Nolan’s finale Batman movie. Check out the press release for more info:

Nokia and Warner Bros. have teamed up for an exclusive partnership bringing together Nokia Lumia smartphones and The Dark Knight Rises. The partnership kicks off today in the US with the launch of The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR) mobile app – exclusive to Nokia Lumia devices. Through the app fans will have access to film trailers, along with behind-the-scenes video footage and exclusive TDKR wallpapers and audio tones.

The app also features an immersive TDKR game ‘Claim Gotham City’ that has people choose sides – Batman or Bane – and claim and defend places through real-life Foursquare check-ins. Users will be rewarded with TDKR exclusive content for claiming places for their side and can play solo or with others.

Additional app highlights include:

  • A countdown to the film’s US release on July 20th and theatre locator using Nokia Maps.
  • Film Info & Social Buzz: In addition to background on the film and cast bios, fans will be able to track all of the live social buzz related to the film on Twitter.

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