‘The Dark Knight Rises’ scrapbook reveals new photos of Catwoman and Bane, new info

On Tuesday a book titled “The Dark Knight Rises: The Secret Files Scrapbook” was released. I received mine from Amazon today, and it’s very cool! Inside the pages are filled with a behind the scenes look at Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and even The Dark Knight Rises. As far as Nolan’s latest film is concerned, we’re treated to some new shots of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Officer John Blake, Marion Cotillard as Wayne Enterprises board member Miranda Tate, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and Tom Hardy as Bane. Each character had a short bio to go along with the picture, and I wanted to share Catwoman and Bane’s with you. If you’re avoiding all spoilers you might want to just skip to the photos, but I don’t feel like the descriptions give away too much — especially if you’re familiar with the characters in the comics.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Selina Kyle is a world-class cat burglar and mistress of disguise. She’s cunning and devious, but I’ve noticed she has a deep sense of honor. As Catwoman, she targets Gotham’s wealthiest. Her weapons usually include infrared goggles, bladed high-heel boots, and a belt filled with lock picks.


Bane is in peak physical shape, but he must wear a breathing apparatus that feeds him pain-relieving gas due to an old injury. While his true motives remain a mystery, he appears to be building an army of followers in the dark tunnels underneath Gotham…

Thanks to The Playlist for the scans below. You can purchase “The Dark Knight Rises: The Secret Files Scrapbook” on Amazon if you’d like to see more!

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SOURCE: The Playlist