Batman: Arkham Unhinged #3 review (print copy)

Issue #3 takes the rivalry alluded to in the tapes you earn by playing “Arkham City” and throws them out the window in favor of something far less interesting. It also features one of the worst Penguin designs I’ve ever seen. It’s as if the artists never even looked at what Penguin looks like in the game. Bottle in the eye? Nah, just give him a monocole. And why not make him slim and give him a square jaw while we’re at it! That’s Penguin, right?

I reviewed this a few months back when it was in digital form. Each of those reviews were not rated on a scale of 1-10 but were instead rated on whether or not they were worth your dollar.

The first 1/3 of this book:   Barely scored Worth a Buck!

The second part scored:  Not Worth a Buck! and I recommended you spend your dollar on a bag of Hot Fries instead

The third act scored:  Not Worth a Buck!

Flipping Through it All Again Now…I’m surprised that they didn’t re-color Joker’s hair (like they did Vicki Vale in last month’s issue. She was a brunette in the online version, but they fixed that for the hard copy) for the scene when he is in disguise, but I guess everyone on board decided it wasn’t worth their time. The best thing this issue has going for it is a cool surprise in the first act and a hell of a nice cover. But these books should be enhancing the Arkham City experience and this issue fails miserably.

SCORE: 4/10