New 52 – Batgirl #10 review

“All Snug in Their Beds” is a definite improvement and the opening fight and monologue is fantastic. While it’s still far from being a must-buy comic for casual Batgirl fans, those who absolutely love Barbara should really enjoy this issue. There’s plenty of action and heart and Batgirl’s inner thoughts questioning the role of superheroes and vigilantes in general are actually rather thought provoking. Are there still some weak moments? Yes.

Like when she stopped a car robbery by throwing the thug through the windshield of the car he was trying to steal and then there’s this moment in which Barbara thinks that maybe– MAYBE– a crook with his leg in a bear trap broke his fibula.

Yeah, it might be broken, Barb. Perhaps.

But all jokes aside, that was a good scene that showed just how caring Batgirl is. Now, every story needs to have a good villain and that’s where Batgirl always comes up short. This issue’s villains are a new group of vigilantes lead by a woman named Knightfall (which I wish would’ve been a name reserved for the classic Batman arc in which Bane broke the bat, but I guess nothing is sacred anymore). They haven’t done enough yet for me to be too picky, but a hawk-girl wannabe and a couple of goons in spandex and domino masks hardly have me fearing for Gotham’s safety or Batgirl’s life.

Overall, it’s an entertaining issue that even has a cameo by another famous DC female. Besides Barb’s weirdly shaped head on the cover, the art within is consistent with what you usually see from “Batgirl” however, the purple coloring is getting to be a way over-used. I wouldn’t rush out and buy this if you’re only a casual fan, but if you love Barbara then this is shaping up to be one of the better arcs in this series so far.

SCORE: 6.5/10