New photos of Bane and The Bat from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ book

Superhero Hype and Batman Online have posted a few images from a new book titled “The Dark Knight Manual: Tools, Weapons, Vehicles & Documents From The Batcave”. It’s available for pre-order now, here’s a little more about it:

The Dark Knight Manual is the first in-world exploration of Christopher Nolan’s Batman. This fascinating manual contains key sketches, diagrams, notes, case files, and other top-secret documents gathered by Bruce Wayne as he came to embody and serve as Gotham’s Dark Knight. Every defining moment is detailed here, from his collaborations with Lucius Fox, to his alliance with James Gordon at the GPD, to his handwritten memos to and from faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Featured are more than two dozen removable documents, including the design and capabilities of the famed Batsuit, blueprints revealing the inner workings of the Batcave, the specifications for Batman’s amazing arsenal of weapons and gadgets, and much more.

Look for hidden bonus content and exclusive images from the final film in Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.

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SOURCE: Superhero Hype, Batman Online