Unlock exclusive ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ content and win prizes, with Mountain Dew [Update]

Mountain Dew’s The Dark Knight Rises campaign just kicked off today, and there’s lots of cool content for Batman fans to explore. Pick up some Mountain Dew and head on over to DEWGothamCity.com to enter to win some awesome prizes… such as a signed copy of The Dark Knight Rises’ script by Christopher Nolan, advanced screening tickets, and lots more! Collect codes on Mountain Dew products and enter them on DEWGothamCity.com. On July 8th, or when 5 million codes have been entered (which ever comes first) we’ll unlock the “Batcave” which will have exclusive never-before-seen content from The Dark Knight Rises! Head on over to the source link below to check out all the content, gear, and prizes.

Update: I just received a package from Mountain Dew. There’s a special “Dark Berry” flavor of Mountain Dew in celebration of The Dark Knight Rises. I’m going to go give it a try and start entering some codes so we can quickly unlock the content on DEWGothamCity.com.

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SOURCE: DEWGothamCity.com