‘The Dark Knight Rises’ viral marketing continues with the Gotham Observer

DewGothamCity.com updated today with more cool content from The Dark Knight Rises. A new area of the site opened, the Gotham convenience store, and inside is a newsstand with the Gotham Observer newspaper. The paper mentions Harvey Dent Day which will include a Gotham Rogues scrimmage football game, a charity event at Wayne Manor, and a 21-gun salute by the Gotham City Police Department. Flipping through the other pages of the newspaper reveals that there has been a string of burglaries in Gotham. The suspect has a love for jewelry and was spotted leaving the scene of the crime dressed in all back. Sound like any cat burglar you know?

Moving onto page 3 we’re greeted with an advertisement for a company called Rykin Data, who hopes to revolutionize personal security. Clicking on the ad takes you to their website, RykinData.com. The website just displays the patent they’ve followed for their new security technology, but I’ll be keeping my eye on it in case something more interesting pops up. Check out the Gotham Observer pages in the gallery below.

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SOURCE: DewGothamCity.com