New ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer to debut with ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’? [Update]

Update 07/02/12: I’ve received confirmation that The Dark Knight Rises trailer #4 (aka the Nokia trailer) is attached to The Amazing Spider-Man. Enjoy it on the big screen!

We’ve already been treated to four full-length trailers for The Dark Knight Rises and it looks like we might be getting one more! The Alberta, Canada Film Ratings website listed “Dark Knight Rises, The (trailer #4)” yesterday with a runtime of 2:13.  With The Amazing Spider-Man opening in about a week, it seems like the perfect movie for The Dark Knight Rises to be attached to.

While the Canadian site has been a great source for trailer news in the past, it’s hard to believe we’re getting another new trailer. It’s possible that this is actually the Nokia trailer that debuted last week, which will be shown in theaters for the first time. Still… it’s exciting to think that a brand new trailer may be in the near future. Stay tuned to for all the latest on this new rumor.

SOURCEAlberta Film Ratings [via Superhero Hype]