Superhero of the Month: Batman movie fan art contest is having a contest where you redesign any of the three following Batman villains to fit with the style of the film directors who DID NOT use them. Your options are:

How do you think these villains would’ve looked in the other guy’s movie? That’s basically what this contest is all about. And I’m guest-judging it. Which is funny because I’ll be the first to say that I don’t spend enough time talking about the art in any of my comic reviews.   Everything I learned about appreciating comic art comes from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” and 20+ years of reading comics myself. But I do think I have a pretty good idea of what looks good and what doesn’t. For example..

This is crap.

So, as a judge, what will I be looking for in your submissions to this competition?

Christopher Nolan Submissions:

Nolan-ize Riddler and Penguin. You can put a guy in a slightly green Armani suit and put purplish glasses on his nose OR submit a pic of a portly, bald headed fellow in a black Armani suit…but you won’t win this contest that way. Doing the grounded-in-reality thing without making it boring is a tough challenge so you better be more creative than just putting a guy in a nice suit and writing the character’s name at the bottom of the drawing.

Joel Schumacher Submissions:

Scarecrow and Penguin with rubber nipples, large codpieces, and neon. The more ridiculous your submission, the better.

Tim Burton Submissions:

Make Riddler and Scarecrow as wiry haired and pale as possible. Their costumes don’t have a lot of black on them? MAKE THEM BLACK. Designing them after Helena Bonham Carter or Johnny Depp is a plus. Just watch this and you’ll get the idea.

The Prize:

You get to judge the next competition and you’ll also be entered into a big end-o-year competition that actually will have an awesome prize. Yeah, it’s lame that there isn’t a cool prize for winning this contest in particular, but it’s not about the prizes. It’s about showing everybody else that you are better than them. And if that’s not good enough, put your accomplishment on your resumé or something, I don’t know.

There won’t be a winner for each category but you can submit up to three drawings (one per category) to improve your odds.

All submissions must be sent to by Tuesday, July 24th at 6PM MST.

Superhero of The Month is also accepting Stephanie Brown fan art– not redesigns.