Tony Daniel leaves Detective Comics

Tony Daniel announced on Facebook today that he will be stepping down:

My Batman/Detective run is coming to an end. My final written (and drawn) issue is Detective Comics #12. I’ll be producing the art only for issue 0. It’s been a long and adventurous journey for me, but there are other projects in the pipeline that I’ve been itching to do and I felt the need to scratch the itch. Next week DC will reveal some information on what one of the projects is I’m involved with. Then I’m gearing up for something I’ve wanted to do for a while in early 2013, a project where I hope to grow even more as an artist and a professional. It is top secret, and probably won’t be revealed until the fall. I want to thank all my friends, family and fans for supporting me through these crazy last few years. Onward and Upward!

I think this is great news. As much as I love Daniel’s artwork, I feel that it’s less good when he pulls both writing and drawing duties on a book and it’s just not worth it when his writing is so poor . And with the book receiving a price hike just so we can read the unbelievably terrible Two-Face backups it was getting harder and harder to justify buying the title at all. In fact, after Gregg Hurwitz took over “Batman: The Dark Knight” this week it became painfully clear that “Detective Comics” is now the poorest of all Batman titles and that’s a real travesty when this is the series where Batman began all those years ago. Still, even though this series has been bashed by me (the last time I scored an issue above 6.5 was in October) and many others in the online community all year long it remains one of the top selling titles month after month. Do you think that the sales were due to the easily recognizable “Detective Comics” name or do you think the criticism of Daniel’s writing was undeserved?

As we wait for an official announcement from DC about a replacement writer for Daniel, who would you most like to see take the reins?

SOURCE: Tony Daniel (Facebook)