John Layman and Jason Fabok take over Detective Comics

Starting October 3rd with issue #13, “Chew” author John Layman will be taking over writing duties on “Detective Comics” and Jason Fabok, who recently did pencils for the “Batman Annual“, will handle the art.

Obviously, this is a happily surreal and exciting turn-of-events for my career. Not only is this my first work within the DC Universe, but I get to work on one of DC’s undisputedly coolest and highest-profile characters. I’m going to take a look at the role of criminal organizations within Gotham City, hopefully from a perspective that does not get considered very often (if at all). From the symbiotic relationship a master criminal must have with Gotham in order to survive, to the lowly, often faceless criminal underling hoping to rise up the ranks. All that, plus Batman’s gonna play with a bunch of crazy new toys and kick all kinds of butt.

John Layman, Interview with DC’s The Source

This sounds great (especially after yesterday’s issue of “Detective Comics” which I gave a 1/10, a change is definitely needed!). My friends are always telling me how great “Chew” is (it’s about an FDA agent who solves crimes by, you guessed it, eating things!) and I recently borrowed the first few issues. Looks like I’ll be reading this series ASAP. And I really liked the variant covers Fabok did for “Batman” recently and I thought he did a great job with Snyder’s “Batman Annual”. Fabok also had a few things to add in the interview with DC’s blog…

First, I want to express how thankful I am to have this opportunity. I am humbled that DC Comics would entrust me with one of their greatest titles. To work on a Batman title has been the number one goal that I set for my career and I am honored to have this opportunity to make my dream become a reality. I’m really hoping to deliver a dark, epic Batman with hints of the art deco stylings of the old animated series and the more modern take seen in recent incarnations. I am hoping to let my influences gush out onto the page and create something that is familiar, classic and yet my own. As for working with John Layman, I couldn’t be more excited. John is a great visual storyteller and he packs every page with meaningful panels that bring the story forward and add incredible depth. Together we hope to deliver a quality Batman tale, filled with mystery, twists, turns, shockers and most of all, fun!

John Fabok, Interview with DC’s The Source

So what’s everybody think of this news? Are these the guys to make “Detective Comics” a good comic again, or what? Judging by the cover teased here, it looks like Penguin is going to be getting even more face-time. Why do you think Penguin is receiving so much attention in the New 52?