Catwoman gets a new creative team

Judd Winick, who has been writing “Catwoman” since the start of The New 52, will be leaving the title to make way for Ann Nocenti. Artist Guillem March is also leaving the the book (to go do the Court of Owls spin-off “Talon”) and although it’s not clear yet who will be taking over the pencils on “Catwoman”, the cover for issue #13 is by Andy Clarke.

Is that the Joker? I thought Snyder & Capullo were handling him?

I’m ambivalent about this news. I thought Judd Winick was doing an alright job on this series but I still wasn’t that attached to the book. It was pretty fun and fairly consistent in its fast-paced, action packed quality but it was never must-buy material either. I’ve never read anything by Ann Nocenti so hopefully one of you readers can fill me in when you post in on what her style is like in the comments at the bottom of the page. Ann Nocenti is writing “Green Arrow” right now but she’ll be moving over to this title when issue #0, the origin of Catwoman, rolls around.

So what’s everybody think about this news? The bat-titles are really getting shook up with new creative teams lately.