‘The Dark Knight Rises’ pulls in $30.6 million from midnight showings

The Dark Knight Rises raked in a reported $30.6 million from midnight showings last night, and about $25 million worth of tickets were sold well in advanced. Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman finale was played at 3,825 theaters, 330 of which had premium-priced IMAX screens.

Back in May, Marvel’s The Avengers made $18.7 million from midnight showings and went on to make a recording breaking $207.4 million in its first opening weekend. With The Dark Knight Rises already ahead in midnight showings, does it have what it takes to break The Avenger’s record? While it doesn’t have 3D theaters and ticket prices on its side, The Dark Knight Rises is a movie you’ll want to see a second time the minute you see the credits start rolling.

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