You saw ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ director’s cut on July 20th

I’ve received a lot of emails and Tweets about a rumor that’s been going around the internet concerning a 30 minute extended director’s cut of The Dark Knight Rises being included on the Blu-ray/DVD release. I looked into it and can confirm that there will NOT be an extended version of The Dark Knight Rises released in the next few months. Judging by Christopher Nolan’s track record it’s very unlikely we’ll even see any delete scenes, such as the one about Bane’s backstory that was revealed last month. Christopher Nolan likes to preserve as much “movie magic” as possible, and the special features on his Blu-rays and DVDs suffer because of it. Perhaps in a few years down the road Warner Bros. will release a trilogy box set with lots of behind the scenes footage that Nolan didn’t want released. For now, we have the epic 2 hour and 45 minute conclusion to Nolan’s Batman trilogy to look forward to when it’s released later this year. Don’t expect to see anything more.