‘The Dark Knight Rises’ VFX supervisor Paul Franklin to speak at VIEW conference

The Dark Knight Rises VFX supervisor Paul Franklin is scheduled to speak at the VIEW conference in Turin, Italy which takes place in October. The VIEW conference is the most popular event in Italy on computer graphics, digital cinema, 3D animation, gaming, VFX and interactive techniques. Check out the full press release after the break for more information.

PAUL FRANKLIN, VFX supervisor and Co-Founder – Double Negative, will unveil the visual effects of “The Dark Knight Rise” at VIEW Conference.

Co-founder of Double Negative studio in London, Franklin is the man Christopher Nolan trusts the most as far as visual effects are concerned. For him he supervisioned the effects of the entire Batman Trilogy and the visionary masterpiece Inception. He has been also the VFX supervisor of outstanding successes like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the Da Vinci Code.

At VIEW 2012 Paul will draw the visitors into the shadows of Gotham City, with the making of the last chapter of the Batman saga.

The VIEW is Italy’s largest computer graphics conference. Now in its lucky 13th year, the conference hosts prominent people in animation, visual effects, game development, architecture, design, and other areas of computer graphics in beautiful Torino, Italy, where they share experiences, ideas, and knowledge with each other and with the professionals and students who attend the presentations and workshops.

The 2012 VIEW Conference also features award-winning sound designer and animated film director Gary Rydstrom from Skywalker Sound, writer/director; Eric Darnell from PDI/DreamWorks who directed the Madagascar trilogy; television director and winner of the Directors Guild of America award Dan Attias; creative director of all the Halos Josh Holmes, who brings to VIEW the premiere of Halo 4; award-winning writer and director Chris Perry, academy award-winning computer graphics pioneer Glenn Entis; academy award-winning author and Autodesk Fellow Tom Wujec; ILM’s Jason Smith, visual effects associate supervisor will discuss “The Avenger’s”, and many others.

VIEW Conference 2012 is made possible with the support of: Piedmont Region, Province of Turin, City of Turin, Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, Chamber of Commerce of Turin and Autodesk.

Registration is now open for the VIEW conference, which takes place October 16 to 19, and for VIEWFest, our digital movie festival following the VIEW Conference from 19 to 21 Oct. For more information, please visit our website http://www.viewconference.it