Celebrating one year of comics on Batman-News.com

Today is the anniversary of my first ever review for Batman-News.com and I wanted to take this time to thank you all for reading my thoughts on these fine comics. This all started when I was looking for comic reviews myself and found that many of the articles weren’t written by a consistent author month to month so I couldn’t find a reliable source issue to issue. I also didn’t think that those reviews were that entertaining to read, nor did they offer much insight into the world of Batman. So I thought I would challenge myself to create the articles that I wanted to read but wasn’t finding online. Luckily I was able to contact Chris here at Batman-News and convince him to give comics a chance. If the comic community hated my views or didn’t get my sense of humor then I knew that I would hear it in the comments section because we comic fans are a very vocal community. But that didn’t happen. Almost everyone was polite, warm, and welcoming. And even if you readers didn’t agree with a review, you gave your own account in the comments and offered others a second opinion which is exactly what I wanted to see. Everyone’s voice has value. That said, I’m still amazed that my own voice was ever heard.

Just a week ago Warner Bros invited me to a movie premiere in which I had the opportunity to shake hands with the likes of Bruce Timm. A few months before that I was talking to famed graphic designer Chip Kidd on the phone. And as far back as January, DC Comics began answering my emails. It’s been an incredible journey and a surprisingly short one. I’ve already met and surpassed all the goals I set for myself when I first started writing these articles and I’m not quite sure what to reach for next. I couldn’t have done any of this without you. I’m immensely honored that so many people who love and respect the Batman mythology the way I do return week after week to hear what I have to say and discuss it with me. I’m so pleased that even when you’ve disagreed with the grades I’ve given that you’ve engaged me in rich conversation that’s challenged my views so that I may see this material in exciting new ways. I’m so grateful that so many of you have suggested new books and broadened my own reading horizons. I hope to keep doing these reviews and giving you all an entertaining way to keep up with your favorite Batman comics and perhaps even turn your attention to more great literature. And most importantly I hope you all will keep me from becoming too cynical. I know that many reviewers of literature, film, and music eventually get so bitter and caught up in pointing out the flaws that they fail to see the joy that their subject can bring. The work of writers and artists is a vulnerable thing created with only the best intent and it’s easier to kick it while it’s down than to lift it onto our shoulders.

Thank you.

Now let’s go read some more Batman comics,

Andrew Asberry