Warner Bros. wants Armie Hammer as Batman in ‘Justice League’?

A few weeks ago I was watching The Social Network again and got an idea for an article to write here on Batman-News.com. It was going to be titled “Armie Hammer: The man who was almost Batman”. For those of you who don’t know… in 2007 George Miller signed on to direct a live action Justice League film. Characters were cast, with Armie Hammer getting the role of The Dark Knight, costumes were designed, and story boards were completed. The film never took off though, and it was canceled about a year later.

Now Moviehole.net’s sources claim that Warner Bros. is interested once again in the 26 year old actor who they hired to play Batman just five years ago. Hammer was relatively unknown back then, but now after The Social Network and Mirror Mirror he has a bit more name recognition. At this point I think it’s too early to take any casting news with anything other than a grain of salt, but let me know how you’d feel about Hammer portraying Batman in the comments below. I’ve also included a video interview of Hammer talking about the failed Justice League project after the break.

SOURCE: Moviehole.net