David Finch exits, Ethan Van Sciver to draw Batman: The Dark Knight

Comic Book Resources broke the news this morning in an exclusive interview with Ethan Van Sciver (well known for his work on Green Lantern: Rebirth, The Flash: Rebirth, and Sinestro Corps War) who will be taking over penciling duties for Batman: The Dark Knight starting with issue #16. This new story written by Gregg Hurwitz will utilize The Mad Hatter as the central villain and be released on January 30th, 2013.

“With Scarecrow, a lot has already been said about who is he, but not a lot has been said about the villain we’ve chosen: the Mad Hatter,” Van Sciver told Comic Book Resources. “It really is going to be a revelation to a lot of Batman fans who have seen this villain around for a long time but haven’t given as much thought as to what makes him tick. We’re inventing a lot of things as we go along with it.”

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SOURCE: Comic Book Resources [via DC Comics]