Batman Beyond Unlimited #9 review

It’s just as thick as Batgirl’s Annual that came out today only it’s a dollar cheaper and has a lot more variety. The bad thing is that it’s really, really unfriendly to new readers so I can’t recommend that anyone unfamiliar with this series pick it up. Seriously, if you open this comic and flip through the pages all you’re going to see is page after page of all-out-war. Come back next month, though. That’s when some new stories start fresh!

Superman Beyond: Eradicated

Written by JT Krul

Pencils by Howard Porter

Inks by John Livesay

Colors by Carrie Strachan

Different colorist working on this issue, but she keeps the same look alive so I didn’t even notice a difference. Well done! This issue is the final installment of the first Superman Beyond arc and although the whole thing has been pretty exciting, this one just sort of ended rather predictably. Superman punches this guy, punches that guy, and then throws the giant rock into the sun. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, etc. etc. That said, it was still pretty cool seeing old Superman box a giant robot with wings but it’s still the weakest chapter of what’s been a pretty exciting new series. And there are some things that happen on the final pages that definitely change the course of Superman Beyond so be sure to check that out. While everyone’s talking about Clark Kent leaving the newspaper business in his New 52 title, this Superman is getting a brand new name and a brand new occupation! Oh, and there’s a shot toward the end where Superman looks a helluva lot like Kurt Russell.


Justice League Beyond: Knostriction Chapter 10, Dealing with the Devil

Written by Derek Fridolfs & Dustin Nguyen

Pencils by Dustin Nguyen

Inks by Derek Fridolfs

Colors by Randy Mayor

I can’t wait for these Beyond stories to come out as a TPB. The Superman tale hasn’t been too hard to keep up with because it stayed pretty simple. A hologram of Lex Luthor convinces his daughter to set into motion a plan for revenge on Superman that involves kryptonite and giant robots. Got it. But Justice League Beyond is on its 10th chapter across 9 months and I just can’t keep up with it all anymore. We went to Gotham, the jungle, a submarine, Apocalypse, had a war, there was a giant snake thing…I don’t remember what exactly is going on anymore! I know that what I’m reading must be pretty good but each month I pick up this comic it always feels like I’m walking in on the end of a movie. I mean this chapter is epic. I’m talking the entire Green Lantern Corps, the armies of Thanagar, and the Justice League vs. a giant snake. It looks damn cool, especially when drawn by Dustin Nguyen, but I feel like I would enjoy this way, way more in TPB form. I can’t get as invested in this when I’m suddenly dropped into the middle of it all month after month. Oh, and there’s a surprise Batman Beyond villain in all of this AND yet another surprise DC hero. Very cool.

10,000 Clowns: All Hands

Written by Adam Beechen

Art by Nrom Breyfogle

Color by Andrew Elder

Like I said, it’s all out war in this comic book. Batman Beyond in particular is one long battle scene in which Batman desperately tries to disarm a bunch of suicide bombers with the help of Catwoman, Dick Grayson, and Vigilante. Batman Beyond is quite good these days but just like with Justice League Beyond, I wish I could sit down and read this entire story from start to finish without taking a month long break. It’s too intense and too brief to be enjoyed so few and far between!


Whew! You’ll be pretty exhausted by the time you finish this comic. Each of these 3 episodes is nothing but non-stop action and each of them is a major battle scene in a city that’s been turned to rubble. Every hero is teaming up, every building is crumbling, and every citizen is dying. It’s hell on earth and it should be pretty awesome, but you won’t enjoy it as much without refreshing yourself on the previous couple of issues before jumping right into all this madness. It’s a very hectic comic that’s made up of 3 adrenaline rush climaxes that long time fans are sure to enjoy.

SCORE: 7.5/10