Batman: Li’l Gotham #2 review

I was pretty disappointed with this one after how good the Halloween episode was. Thanksgiving is a pretty weak holiday as far as entertainment is concerned anyway. There’s Plane, Trains, and Automobiles and….well, that’s about it. But that movie is funny as hell so I guess that’s about all we need. Grumpy Old Men has some Thanksgiving stuff going on, but the movie isn’t centered around Thanksgiving so I don’t really think that counts…I’m rambling.

Back on point: Li’l Gotham #2’s Thanksgiving Day Special isn’t as cute or funny as last month’s issue. Dustin Nguyen’s watercolors still look good, but they weren’t used to their full potential like they were last time. Sure, you see some adorable penguins and turkeys but the cast of actual Batman characters is much smaller and there are fewer stand-out moments. Last time we had Professor Batman, Damian’s first attempt at trick-or-treating, and the dinner party with all the Batman rogues. This time it’s just Penguin and it’s not as entertaining.

You’ll breeze through this installment pretty quickly and not have much reason to return to it again unlike last month’s Halloween special which I would happily re-read again and again. It’s not a bad comic, but it’s a big step down from the fun of Halloween. If you have kids then sure, this is an absolutely terrific surprise for you to read to them this Thanksgiving night and it’s cheep at only one dollar. Otherwise, you can probably skip this one.

SCORE: 6.5/10