Gail Simone forced off Batgirl

Last week there were rumors floating around that Gail Simone had left the Batgirl title she’s been writing ever since the launch of the New 52 more than a year ago. Soon after the internet started to buzz, Gail herself came out to fans and said that there was no truth to the rumors and she would not abandon Barbara Gordon. However, this afternoon Gail had this to say on Twitter:

So it would seem that Gail Simone was pushed off the title unwillingly, which is sad. I’m still having a hard time understanding why she would have been forced to leave. The book was selling rather well and the die-hard Batgirl fans were in love with the book. January’s issue #16 is likely to be Simone’s last, leaving the book with a bang as Death of the Family reaches its conclusion. No word from DC as to who the new writer will be.