Ray Fawkes fills in as new Batgirl writer

I don’t usually look at the solicits because I like to be surprised with my comics but the latest news on Gail Simone had me wondering what DC would advertise for the month of March. According to the solicits at DCComics.com, Ray Fawkes will be taking over writing duties on Batgirl starting with issue #18. The website states that Fawkes will be writing two issues of the series that deal with the (spoilers, I suppose) aftermath of the Death of the Family saga, particularly regarding James Jr. who sold Barbara out to the Joker in Batgirl #14. So there you have it. Gail Simone only has a couple of issues remaining and then we have Fawkes for a short two-part story. Will Fawkes be signed as the ongoing writer of the series or is this only temporary?

Ray Fawkes has primarily been an indie writer and artist until now. His most famous work would be as the writer and artist of One Soul for Oni Press, and as the artist of  Mnemovore for Vertigo. You can find out more about Mr. Fawkes by visiting his website.

If you’re familiar with Fawkes’ work and have more books to suggest, post them in the comments below.