Young Justice petition: let’s try and save a great show

What if Young Justice doesn’t exist anymore?

It must. It must.

Yesterday it was confirmed that both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series have been canceled and will be replaced by Beware The Batman and Teen Titans Go!

We here at don’t usually report on TV news but this. is. bullsh–ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. That’s why I want to point you all in the direction of a petition to revive these shows.


The chances of saving the show are slim but fans need to try something. Anything. Personally, I’ve never seen the Green Lantern show but my followers on Twitter sent me countless messages over the summer asking that I give Young Justice a shot. To me it always looked rather lame and immature and I really didn’t care about what the teenage superheroes were up to. Even the name “Young Justice” sounded cheesy. But when I watched it I was shocked at how in-depth and dramatic it was. Characters had arcs! Actions had consequences!

Why is any animated show canceled? Kids aren’t buying the toys and that’s exactly what happened here. It’s a show that puts emphasis on the story and uses characters that are often times over their heads. Batman: The Animated Series emphasized quality storytelling over toys too but it was easy to move merchandise because it was Batman. Kids aren’t exactly begging their mom for the new Aqua Lad or Robin action figure so it’s understandable why the merchandise they were offering failed. Even in the show it’s acknowledged that these aren’t the real heroes, they’re just the sidekicks and no child wants to pretend to be the sidekick. So maybe, just maybe, if Cartoon Network and Warner Bros Animation sees the outcry from a large amount of adoring older fans they’ll realize that there most certainly is a big market for such a show and it’s THEIR fault for not producing merchandise that these folks want to buy. There’s clearly a fan base and the show has received critical acclaim as well. They need to look at these petitions as a testament to the fact that they’ve got a goldmine on their hands but they need to put forth the effort to sell Young Justice with a new marketing strategy rather than tossing the baby out with the bathwater. Young Justice has plenty of story left to tell and I guarantee these companies could make more money off of it if they only addressed the audience that’s anxious to throw their money at it.

Go sign the petition.