Warner Bros. didn’t just want Ben Affleck to direct ‘Justice League’, they wanted him to be Batman

Runner, Runner

The always reliable El Mayimbe of Latino Review decided to drop a huge Justice League story on Twitter just hours after the report that Warner Bros. has scrapped Will Beall’s script. It was heavily rumored that Warner Bros. wanted Ben Affleck to direct their superhero movie but we hadn’t heard any casting rumors, or who may be the next Batman. Until now. According to El Mayimbe, Warner Bros. didn’t just want Affleck to direct, they wanted him to star in the movie too… as Batman!

Affleck decided to pass on the project and now Warner Bros. is without a script, director, Batman, or any actor for that matter. El Mayimbe hints that he may be able to dig up some more information, Tweeting “Justice League. To be continued. Trust me on this fanboy nation”. Do you think Ben Affleck would have made a good Batman? Let me know what you think in the comments below.