Inker Jonathan Glapion exits Batman


Jonathan Glapion, the inker of Batman since issue #1 recently announced on Facebook that he will be leaving the title.

So Long Bat fans you’ve all been very kind to me.

Not exactly the most moving farewell address in the world, but I’m crestfallen none the less. There has been no official announcement from DC yet as to who is replacing him. Penciller Greg Capullo is confirmed to still be on the title and there has been no word from colorist FCO. Glapion did some really great work on this series and will be missed. On a personal note, one time I even bought a black/white variant from him on eBay and he was kind enough to throw in another variant comic that I couldn’t find at my local comic shop. Good guy. He even signed them all and personalized the ones I gave to my niece and nephew.

Check out his official website and deviantART page.

Jonathan Glapion’s insightful YouTube channel is also a great look into what exactly it is that an inker does (there’s far more to it than tracing). Watch a few videos, it’ll give you a brand new appreciation for the inks in every comic you read from here on out! There are also a number of great videos on how he approached Capullo’s pencils.

SOURCE: Jonathan Glapion (Facebook)