New Batman/Superman ongoing series coming this June


Greg Pak and Jae Lee are behind an all new Batman and Superman team-up book that will debut this June. The story will follow Batman and Superman at the beginning of their careers. USA Today broke the story earlier this morning and Twitter follower @KyleLofton brought that report to my attention, so thanks for that! My friend Josh who was my Plus One to the premiere of The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 actually met Pak at the Sundance Film Festival recently and said he was a nice fellow, but other than that I know very little about the author other than he did World War Hulk and Magneto: Testament.

The original Batman/Superman title (we do not call it “Superman/Batman” here) was started in 2003 by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness and it ran all the way up until the 2011 New 52 relaunch ending with a grand total of 87 regular issues and 5 annuals. I never read that series either. It’s just not a concept that appealed to me so I guess I’m really struggling to find some input on this story. Honestly, there are too many Batman titles already and with Man of Steel by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee coming out soon there will be too many Superman titles on the shelf as well so releasing this series sounds awfully unnecessary. Shazam? The Atom? Cyborg? Even Doom Patrol would’ve been nice. But I’m being rather negative right from the get-go.

Jae Lee is a good artist and Greg Pak’s enthusiasm for the project is infectious.

[Batman/Superman is] a really exciting place to discover who these guys are, and the things we’re going to discover particularly in this first story arc will have ramifications later on down the line. We’re going to start in the past but it’ll reverberate through. It’ll be big and crazy and tons of fun

Here’s hoping that Batman/Superman is another great addition to the New 52. How do you feel about this big announcement?