Best of Damian Wayne reading list

While many who frequent this site are very familiar with the most recent Boy Wonder I imagine that a great many casual fans who saw this week’s headlines were a bit confused to learn that there were multiple Robins and surprised to find out that Batman had a son at all. To help get these potential bat-fans involved I’ve put together this list of essential Damian Wayne stories, most of which can be found at any local comic shop,, or available for download at


Batman: Son of the Demon (1987)

Damian is little more than an unnamed infant in this story and even though it was an Elseworlds tale that was never intended to be part of continuity, Grant Morrison referenced it anyway in his Batman run and made Damian an official part of Batman canon.

Batman & Son (2006)

Batman #655-658, but best collected in Batman & The Black Glove Deluxe Edition

Grant Morrison’s Batman epic begins with Talia Al Ghul surprising The Dark Knight with the 10 year old son he never knew he had.


Batman & Robin (2009 – 2011)

Batman & Robin, Vol. 1-4 collecting issues #1-26

You’ll want to read all four volumes of this series which features Damian officially taking is place as part of the dynamic duo, but rather than fighting crime alongside his father he’s partnering with Dick Grayson. This unique spin on the Batman and Robin team showcased a lighthearted Caped Crusader with a dark Boy Wonder.


Batman/Superman #77 (2010)

Might be listed as Superman/Batman #77

Despite being titled after a team-up between The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, you’re actually getting an unlikely partnership between Damian and Supergirl. Just like with his Batgirl #17 appearance, this is a done-in-one story.


Batgirl #17 (2011)

Damian Wayne teams up with Stephanie Brown, the pre-New 52 Batgirl for a stand-alone adventure.


Teen Titans: Team Building (2011)

It doesn’t take long after joining the Teen Titans for Damian to attempt to take over the team as its new leader.


Batman & Robin (2011 – Present)

Batman & Robin issues #0-17

Father and son finally join forces as the Dynamic Duo but quickly find out that they might not make the best team. Batman & Robin: Born to Kill is on shelves now in hardcover.


Batman & Robin Annual #1 (2013)

This over-sized issue stands alone and tells a really touching and funny story about Damian having the batcave all too himself.


Batman Incorporated (2012 – Present)

Batman Incorporated issues #0-8 (and likely beyond)

Whereas the Pre-New 52 Batman Incorporated series essentially only focused on Bruce’s globe trotting effort to establish a network of Bat-allies, this new series basically acts as another Batman & Robin comic only it’s written again by Grant Morrison. This is where the story of Damian Wayne ends.


Li’l Gotham (2012 – Present)

Issues #1, #2, #3, and #6

These stories are all kid-friendly and take place entirely outside of the regular comic book continuity. Will Damian continue to show up in this comic in the months to come even while he has apparently passed on in the New 52? Only time will tell. But for now, these stand as incredibly funny and quite adorable shorts that show Damian Wayne in holiday themed adventures. This series can only be found in digital form right now but will be available in print in the months to come.