Who should be the next Robin?


We have an opening available!

It’s pretty much impossible for a Batman fan to not know what happened last Wednesday. Even if you like to trade-wait all your books you likely had the death of Damian Wayne spoiled for you by casually browsing the web, listening to the radio, or watching the evening news. Or maybe I just ruined it for you right now? If I did, I am sorry, but you wouldn’t have lasted that much longer anyway. The hardcover that will collect the issue featuring Damian’s demise won’t be on shelves until this fall at the earliest and there’s no way you can keep your ear to the ground for news about the world of Batman from now until then without hearing that Bruce Wayne has now lost his son. This is especially true now that nearly all of the March comics will feature covers displaying a mourning Bat family.

So with Damian gone and a vacancy in the Dynamic Duo to fill I have to ask: who do you think should be the next Boy (or Girl) Wonder?

Personally, if we absolutely have to have a new Robin then my vote goes to Beryl Hutchinson.

Having just lost her crime-fighting partner, Knight, it just makes sense that she and Batman would team up and support one another.